Sand down the old Sikaflex (There is no need to remove it all)

Remove any dust etc.

Place the OLD rim into the deck & Wipe some furniture or car polish around the area to the side of the rim. ( This makes it easier to remove any glue which is squeezed out of the sides later. Make sure NO polish gets on the surface where the new rim will sit !!!)

Apply a bead of Sikaflex around the area the rim will fit.

Press the new rim into position, and move it around a little to make sure it is bedded in properly. Do NOT apply too much pressure, as this will squeeze out all the glue.

Too clean off the excess glue, you have two options.
Wipe it off straight away using clothes (MESSY !!!)
Wait until it is dry (About 15 Hours) and trim the inside with a Stanley Blade & the outside with a BLUNT Chisel. Use some solvent to clean any stuck glue.

Glue – Sikaflex 252

Important: The new rim needs to be PRIMED before fixing with:

Sika Primer 206 G+P