Grind off all the old Gel from the inside of the cockpit.

Wipe clean all the surfaces with Solvent (Acetone etc.)

With the boat upright on stands, place the new rim in position and hold down with masking tape.

Make sure there is sufficient gap underneath the rim for the spraydeck (use pieces of foam underneath rim to get the right gap).

Turn boat upside down.

Fixing Rim: Fill the space between the cockpit rim and deck. We use a mixture of Gelcoat/Pre-Gel/Catalyst or you could use a Methacrylate Adhesive e.g. Plexus MA300 or Adekit A300.

Once filled, check under the rim for any excess material which may have leaked out of any gaps and remove whilst wet.

If using Gel coat, leave to harden overnight. If using glue allow a couple of hours to fully harden.