1. Using an ALLEN KEY, undo the Grub Screw (Anticlockwise) in the Skeg Slider at the side of the boat. Only undo it enough so that it no longer grips the old wire, not all the way out.
  2. Undo the two ALLEN Bolts, which hold the Skeg Blade assembly in place and pull down the whole Skeg Blade assembly, then undo the screw, which holds the old wire in place. Pull out the old wire.
  3. Locate the fitting on top of the Skeg Box through the Rear Hatch. Using a 13mm Spanner, undo the TOP nut only. Do not undo the lower nut. When it is loose, pull the Nylon Tube out of the fitting. There should be a brass ring stuck to the tube. Do not try to remove this. (This ring forms the waterproof seal).
  4. Slide in the new wire from the Skeg Slider end until about 6” project from end of the loose tube at the Skeg Box end. (The softer wire tends to fray, so be patient with it !!!!)
  5. Hold the end of the new wire at the Skeg Box end & feed it down the fitting on top of the Skeg Box until the Brass ring touches the top of the fitting. Place the TOP nut back on the fitting & tighten it back on using a 13mm spanner. (Do not tighten it up too much !!!). Push the end of the new wire into the hole in the Blade that you pulled the old wire out of, and tighten up the screw, which holds the wire in place.
  6. From the Skeg Slider end, pull the wire until the whole Skeg Assembly is back into the box. Replace the two Allen bolts to hold it in position.
  7. From the Skeg Slider end, pull the new wire through until the blade is back up in the box. Cut the new wire to length, so that the end just touches the front of the inside of the Skeg Slider box. With the blade fully up in the box, slide the Skeg Slider forward, and retighten the grub screw. The skeg should now work !!!!!