The skeg can be used to trim the kayak in wind, and it does not get in the way of tow lines or become a danger when undertaking rescues - which we often see with the traditional rudder. For single kayaks we normally favour skeg over rudders because they handle well enough in intermediate to advanced conditions not to require rudders.


For our double kayak, The Triton, or for racing, however, we recommend a rudder when kayaking in conditions above force 4. In this case we suggest the Kari-Tek skeg-rudder system which is a combination of rudder and skeg. It is a hydraulic system that sits in the kayak in the same manor as a skeg, but also operates as a rudder when fully down. The skeg-rudder does not get in the way during rescues and will retract automatically without damage if needed. For further information, please see Kari-Tek.