The wire skeg is standard in our kayaks, however any of the following Kari-Tek skegs may be fitted and they all fit in an injected Kari – Tek skeg box. We use the Kari-Tek slide control box in all our kayaks. This is fitted in the seam.


Rope skegs

This skeg is fitted with no additional cost, however you need to let your dealer know that you want a rope skeg installed instead of the standard wire slider. The front and rear rope skegs are very simple to repair and it is not a huge problem if you forget to pull it up. The down side is it takes a bit longer to get to grips with how far up or down your skeg is. The rear rope is the simplest and is a popular choice with expedition paddlers.

Hydrolic skeg

This is the most precise skeg and will enable small accurate adjustments to be made having a positive action. The skeg will also retract automatically without damage if needed. The skeg is very simple, easily maintained and can also be repaired in the field if need be, however this is the heaviest of our skegs.

Skeg- Rudder

This combined skeg-rudder system is a hydraulic system that does not get in the way of tow lines and during rescues. The skeg function is controlled by a deck mounted slider, the rudder is operated by an adjustable foot bar. The robust skeg-rudder system retracts undamaged if knocked, whatever the rudder setting. Just like a skeg, it mounts under the stern and so keeps the aesthetic lines of the kayak and doesn’t catch the wind. Using the same simple, reliable hydraulics as the hydraulic skeg, means it is also low maintenance.